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Thursday, June 1, 2017

We help prospective buyers see the possibilities of a property by investing in layouts of what the land may become. Where others may see obstacles – we only see opportunities.

Our planning capabilities benefit landowners who are seeking to maximize the value of their property and increase the rate at which the transaction closes successfully. It’s a differentiating strength for us and we have plenty of experience in this area. Here’s a sampling of the typical planning services we provide:

  • prepare designs and layouts to market the property and help realize its full value
  • develop and implement strategic plans for zoning and/or re-zoning to positively impact value
  • participate in step-by-step decision making with the Buyer and/or Landowner throughout the permitting and entitlements process
  • lead community outreach and public relations efforts designed to educate surrounding communities, landowners and other interested private parties of our clients’ development plans
  • serve as the Authorized Agent on behalf of Seller/Landowner during entitlement period
  • attend meetings and appear before local zoning and planning boards on behalf of clients