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Thursday, June 1, 2017

AGNC services include seller representation and buyer representation. We stay attuned to the Triangle and greater Charlotte real estate markets, as well as, local and national investment and demographic trends. Through relationships with leading residential realtors, we also stay well-informed of the local housing market so we know what products may work best for a particular property or group of properties. Combined, this kind of knowledge is invaluable to those clients seeking to market and sell raw land for residential, commercial or mixed-use development. It also allows us to accurately value and position the property for a successful sale.

Using a targeted marketing approach that focuses our efforts on potential purchasers that not only have an interest in the type of development a client’s property may bear, but also have the financial wherewithal to successfully close a transaction, we deliver great results for AGNC clients. While there’s no guarantee, our experience with this laser-focused approach often results in multiple offers for a property, coming from credible buyers.

Lastly, we’ve built strong and reliable working relationships with residential and commercial developers, national and local builders and financial investors – all with a strong desire to build and grow the Triangle and Greater Charlotte markets.