Our Services
Clients of AGNC can expect comprehensive service and advice. Our core services include brokerage, planning, permitting and entitlement support.

Our Services

Core Services


AGNC services include seller representation and buyer representation. We stay attuned to the Triangle and greater Charlotte real estate markets, as well as, local and national investment and demographic trends. Through relationships with leading residential realtors, we also stay well-informed of the local housing market so we know what products may work best for a particular property or group of properties. Combined, this kind of knowledge is invaluable to those clients seeking to market and sell raw land for residential, commercial or mixed-use development. It also allows us to accurately value and position the property for a successful sale.

Using a targeted marketing approach that focuses our efforts on potential purchasers that not only have an interest in the type of development a client’s property may bear, but also have the financial wherewithal to successfully close a transaction, we deliver great results for AGNC clients. While there’s no guarantee, our experience with this laser-focused approach often results in multiple offers for a property, coming from credible buyers.

Lastly, we’ve built strong and reliable working relationships with residential and commercial developers, national and local builders and financial investors – all with a strong desire to build and grow the Triangle and Greater Charlotte markets.


We help prospective buyers see the possibilities of a property by investing in layouts of what the land may become. Where others may see obstacles – we only see opportunities.

Our planning capabilities benefit landowners who are seeking to maximize the value of their property and increase the rate at which the transaction closes successfully. It’s a differentiating strength for us and we have plenty of experience in this area. Here’s a sampling of the typical planning services we provide:

  • prepare designs and layouts to market the property and help realize its full value
  • develop and implement strategic plans for zoning and/or re-zoning to positively impact value
  • participate in step-by-step decision making with the Buyer and/or Landowner throughout the permitting and entitlements process
  • lead community outreach and public relations efforts designed to educate surrounding communities, landowners and other interested private parties of our clients’ development plans
  • serve as the Authorized Agent on behalf of Seller/Landowner during entitlement period
  • attend meetings and appear before local zoning and planning boards on behalf of clients


Every city and town has its own vision and requirements. AGNC’s experience in working with city and town planners, as well as familiarity with the permitting processes, allow us to efficiently determine available options for each respective property we represent. We have years of experience in all phases of applying for a wide range of permits necessary for the effective development of unimproved land including:

  • Wetlands Permits (Blue Line/Buffer)
  • Pond Draining Permits (Reduce Impact)
  • Tree Cutting Permits (if and when necessary)
  • lead community outreach and public relations efforts designed to educate surrounding communities, landowners and other interested private parties of our clients’ development plans
  • DOT Permits (Driveway, Traffic Impact Analysis, Off-site Impact)
  • Water & Sewer Permits (Allocations)

Above & Beyond Services

Depending upon property ownership, some clients require additional support such as estate and tax planning. Over the years, AGNC has developed a strong network of legal and tax professionals and have introduced clients to highly effective estate attorneys and accountants in an effort to help our clients maximize the value of their property from an estate planning and taxation standpoint. AGNC clients are under no obligation to use a referred resource, but many clients find these additional resources are extremely useful.